Thursday, 4 February 2010

Kenyan progression session

Working the endurance system while adapting to a faster pace through running faster and faster within each 3 min, Marius Bakken
1 min 6.48 pace-1 min- 6.10 pace-1 min 5.44 pace-2 mins easy x 6
I've been doing my fast sessions in the dark, I kind of find it more exciting and if I go out at about 7 pm there are no cars on the back roads to get in my way.
I loved this session short and sweet, the hardest part was running at 6.48 pace, once I upped the pace the momentum made my legs flow round and everything smoothed out.
I added some hilly loops to give my legs some fast downhill running, before finishing on flatter roads'.
It was much warmer than Wed and I broke out into a nice sweat under my thermal jacket, i took off my gloves and found I was running really well.
GOOD FUN SESSION :] = 38 mins
Check out this video, cool race to do!

An Interview with Running Form Expert, Jay Dicharry

Q: What is the most common form mistake you see?
A: Runners who don't extend the hips! Runners need to work on hip extension stretching so that they can actually extend the hip and not the back. Tightness of the hip flexors, which prohibits hip extension, leads to so many other compensations that it’s crazy not to do it. I can say pretty confidently that about 90% of the folks reading this article will directly benefit from working on their hip extension. READ FULL REPORT HERE

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