Monday, 12 November 2007

week 11 lydiard base training

it was pretty dam cold and dark out tonight,and it seems summer was only yesterday!
my legs are feeling kind of empty and i feel abit of a wreck right now.
bit worried i might be getting low blood iron like last year,so i've started taking liver tablets as a insurance policy.anyway i think i'll give my body a easy week after next week when i will have done 3 months base aerobic training.
ran down to meet club then ran home the long way to give me 15.22 miles

tue 13th nov
easy run over sandhills with tess,tried to work on recovery = 1.14

wed 14
steady run over the parbold hills = 1.32

thur 15
leg speed session 6x120m 5.33 miles =42 mins

fri 16
core training

sat 17
just a easy short run today as i am running the preston 10 mile race tomorrow.
ran over the sandhill loop with tess. = 38.50

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