Monday, 26 November 2007


In the last couple of miles of the preston 10 race i felt my right calf muscle tighten up,i did not think much of it at the time,but the next day when i went training the muscle felt painful .
i thought the muscle would loosen off as i ran,big mistake! i joined in with the club session and on the second effort i felt something snap [ like a piece of sting breaking] i was reduced to a hobbling walk.
i did not try running again for 5 days. i massaged my muscle did strengthening exercises [ wobble board and one leg calf raises, and gentle stretching .
i think i had been a bit lazy and missed out the calf stretching exercises,that and the extreme cold and damp plus racing in shorts was enough to cause the damage.
i am now hopeful to get back into full training in the next week.

24 nov sat
first run back, started with walking then tried jogging, calf muscle still felt tight and painful,
was quite upset as looks like injury is worse than i thought.
30 min walking and 10 min slow jog.

25 nov sun
woke up to find calf felt a lot better, did easy run of 4 min running one min walking for a total of 40 mins.
26 nov mon
only slight pain in the calf muscle so managed to run steady for one hour over the sandhills.
still doing lots of strengening exercises and stretching,happy to be running again, you bet !!!

27 nov tue
steady run with 6 x 200 m downhill leg speed
=41 min

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