Sunday, 3 June 2012

The trouble with combat trousers!

As I'm off work I decided to go out for a few drinks with my mates this Sunday.
I was not expecting to go clubbing or anything!
BUT after going round the local pubs we did indeed head for the clubs.
I got rejected from the first club because I was wearing combat trousers!
! was wearing a very experience pair of leather shoes but no way would they let me in!
We moved on to another club which let me in, and after a while I started dancing with quite an attractive girl.
Who seemed happy to be dancing with me, until her friend pushed me away and pointed to my combat trousers!
True, if i was expecting to go clubbing I would have dressed up, but really its amazing how someone would judge you as good or bad just by your clothing!
I mean if you wear combats does that make you a mass murderer or something?
Really should we not judge on the way we act and not on our clothing!

My Combats are 'PANTS'! :0]


Ewen said...

I have the same problem when I go from a run to the club in my tracky dacks... or maybe it's the smell ;-)


Well Ewen my combats are PANTS!