Friday, 1 June 2012

Running Good, Mind Over Matter!

Your thoughts and beliefs are far more important than you may know!
Ancient knowledge knew it and now even modern science is beginning to understand the power of thought over our own bodies and the world around us!
You must start believing you can achieve the goals you have set yourself!
You must have repeated positive thoughts about your ability to achieve.
With time, these thoughts repeated often enough will become part of your subconscious memory, replacing negative restrictive beliefs you once had.
Follow the above and watch a whole new world open up before your very eyes, a world of limitless possibilities!

Rob's session on Wednesday was a turning point in my running.
Running down to the Dunes leisure Centure in the humid air my legs felt heavy and lifeless!
Amazingly once we started the session of four x one mile my legs felt effortless!
I was keeping up with Rob and holding a good 11 MPH!
The first mile went by in 5.41, after a couple of minutes recovery the second mile was 5.39
 I decided to easy back on the 3rd effort and ran at the back of the group, running a relaxed 6.12.
Only a month ago sub 6 pace was impossible for me, so this was real improvement :0]
The final mile was completed in 5.41 so overall I was well pleased!
We are on the up for sure :0]


Julian said...

A great example of mind over matter is Stefaan Engels who ran 365 marathons in 365 days!

Full interview with the man here...

Mandy said...

thats amazing!

bricey said...

nice mile repeats!

Ewen said...

That's great to hear Rick. You're coming into form just in time for the London Olympic marathon ;)