Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Hill Session Compared 8 Years On!

I thought it would be fun to repeat a hill session I used to do on a regular basis 8 years ago.
Note [ back in 2004 I set P.b.s of 16.48 5K track and 1.18.53 at the half marathon ].
Based on a Lydiard type hill loop.
Finding a long hill in Southport's flat lands is not easy, but using Waterloo Rd hill, from the traffic lights up to the top of the grass mound by the golf course gives about 2 mins 30 sec of hard effort!
Each mile lap also includes a fast downhill then a 200m effort or a 400m effort on the flat before returning back around to start the hill again.
My fastest time for the hill back in 2004 was 2.23 yesterday I managed a best of 2.27 just 4 seconds off!
Not too bad taking into account my fitness is still on the up!
Amazingly my 200m efforts were slightly faster but my 400's were slightly slower than 2004.
Apart from my first hill effort which worked out at 6.08 average pace my other 4 hill ascents worked out at 5.58 pace, 5.54 pace, 5.58 and a final effort of 5.46 pace.
Sub 6 uphill is always good me thinks!
Quite pleased with my progress back to fitness :0]


Samurai Running said...

I'm on the come back trail too! I hope we can blow some minds come fall!


I hope so mate!

Ewen said...

I've got a tip for you Scott - time tying your shoe lace for when the train stops the race ;)

You're going well Rick. Great to repeat old workouts and match them. So you just run the uphill hard then 'steady' for the rest of the loop? How far is the uphill bit? I'd like to find a similar loop around here.


Hello Ewen the hill is 0.42 miles long.
Each lap I also include a fast downhill section and alternate with either a 200m or 400m hard effort on the flat.

Ewen said...

Thanks Rick. Plenty of hills around here that should be suitable.