Sunday, 24 June 2012

Rubbish 5K Race Report And DAZED AND CONFUSED!

Apart from organizing the event I also ran in it and one of my jobs was to set the runners off!
So there I was on the start line counting down 3-2-1-GO!!!
You could say I had an advantage even Usain Bolts would relish!
I kicked from the GO and found myself leading the race!
After 200m I was surprised to be still leading until I glanced down at the Garmin to see 12.5 MPH registering on the display!
We turned left onto the gravel single track then attacked the first short sharp climb.
Rob and Stevie both cruised passed me and I had to work real hard to remake contact with them on the flat.
Over the bridge I sat on the express train that was Rob and Stevie { we had all run the half marathon on Sunday, finishing close together and it looked like another battle Royale was on the cards again!] after recovering in the shelter of the guys I decided the pace was dropping so pushed to the front and hammered hard!
Rob took over the lead as we approached the bridge, taking us on to the back straight.
As we hit the next hill just before completing the first lap I attacked full bore!
I opened up a slight gap but once over the top my legs started to buckle under my self induced pressure!
Rob came sailing past but Stevie had dropped back, from this point on I focused on a slowly disappearing Rob up ahead and trying to hold off Stevie.
Into the final turn before the uphill finish I looked back to see Stevie uncomfortably close!
Dam I would have to work very hard all the way to the line!
I kicked hard up to my max and tried  desperately to hang on.
With 100m to go Stevie was on my back so I kicked again, only problem there was no more speed to give!
Somehow I held onto 2nd place finishing just one second up on Stevie.
Rob won with a time only a few seconds off his best here, amazing taking into account his year out with knee injury!
I was was happy with my second fastest time on this course only 10 sec off my 2009 couse P.B.
In the ladies race   Angela Delaney dominated in her shocking pink trainers giving a fine display  of graceful elegance to win in 20.29.
Impressive run of the day came from 13 year old Karoline Wresillo who ran an excellent 22.03.
39 runners enjoyed the event and we will be back next month on the 18th July.
Don't miss out!!!


Thomas said...

Excellent videos, both of them! Oh, and good racing as well.

Ewen said...

Great old song that one. Looks like you were singing the high notes well Rick - great racing!