Thursday, 9 December 2010

Me the universe and everything!

The Fifth Dimension

Way back in time, when I was just a small boy i remember walking outside into the back yard of the family house and looking up into the sky on a dark clear night.

the stars looked amazing [back then there was a lot less light pollution] I was
taking in all the awesome beauty of it all when all of a sudden 'BANG' i fell to the floor landing on my knees, it felt like a massive electric shock went straight through my brain!
I felt bewildered and in shock, for the first time in my short life I realized how huge and gigantic the universe was and how small and insignificant I was!
Many things flashed before me [ this was a year or so after my fathers death] my
own mortality, how short life was and that life was not for evermore, maybe not things a small boy should be worrying about!
A few year later i remember having an out of body experience, I'd been watching TV with my brothers and sister.
I went to the kitchen for a drink and all of a sudden i felt a massive tug upwards, for a split second i seemed to rise up to the ceiling, I remember looking down on myself standing in the kitchen before i fell back through my own body!
Once more I felt bewildered with what had happened!
Maybe the best way to describe the feeling would be to say it felt a bit like when your in a lift in a hotel and it stops after going up several floors!
But for that split second of my out of body experience it felt like I was in another dimension in a different plane looking in!
I wonder has anyone ever experienced any of the above feelings in there lives?

Gravitational Anarchy RADIO LAB Podcast

In this podcast, we revisit some ideas from our recent episode on
Falling. We begin with a story excerpted from an essay by Berton Roueché, which first appeared in the New Yorker in 1958 and was later published by Dutton in a book called "The Medical Detectives." Read for us by the actress Hope Davis, it tells the true tale of a woman named Rosemary Morton, who had a little, um, trouble with gravity. After that, we return to a segment from the Falling episode that has troubled some of our listeners: the mystery of falling cats. Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist extraordinaire and Director of the Hayden Planetarium in New York, takes us to task for using "bad data." We call on science writer David Quammen to help us fight back and, in the end, we wonder how we can ever know the mind of a fallin

Training update
Club session
Location Dunes sports centre Southport
Time 6.30pm
Steve McLean took the session.
after a good warm up we did a pyramid session.
Using the sea wall near the pier.
it was very cold, well below freezing!
Managed to get down to 5 min mile pace once fully warmed up!
total time inc running down and back = 1 hour
30 mins at level one, finished with 6 fast strides.
felt good in the warmer weather :]


Samurai Running said...

While reading that I had a sensation like I was going backwards, almost like I was steping backwards in order to get not be infected by crazy!!!

No really, I like it when you let it hang it all out there Rick! Though, I didn't have any experiences like that when I was young. Most of mine were of playing tag and catching tadpoles but then again I'm just a normal fella ;)

I'll let you know what I thought of the listening link after I listen to it.


Samurai Running said...

"get not be infected" says a lot about me, wouldn't you agree?

Anonymous said...

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