Sunday, 23 May 2010

Releaning how to climb! Harrock Hill Race

Back in 2003 I had an awesome summer racing the many summer evening hill races.
I remember in one Harrock hill race reaching the steepest climb and digging deep down inside myself, pushing into the red, I turned my legs over faster and faster taking short powerful strides.
I passed runner after runner in front of me, like they were stuck to the ground.
I felt like a Tour De France climber on the attack, it was a good feeling and I want it back.
I've been feeling more sluggish on climbs of late, taking longer strides I've been bogging down like a rider using too big a gear.
After reading this ARTICLE I decided to work on faster leg turnover on the climbs, yesterdays hill run brought back to me just how effectively this works in practice.
Harrock Hill Race, first in the series 7.30 pm Wed 26th May
Harrock Hill Rankings


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Thomas said...

Congratulations! I trust you did not feel like a TdF rider because you were full of drugs!