Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Jesus could walk on water, but these guy's can run on it. AWESOME VIDEO!

Saw this Video on Steve Magness's Twitter site and thought you guy's might enjoy it :]
The Impossible is Possible, if you Believe!!!


Been feeling a bit groggy and lazy, so after havin 2 weeks kind of easy it was time to get back into some serious training!
I've got 20 weeks until my next challenge The Great Langdale Marathon, with 5,000 ft of climbing it will be a tough race, last year my friend Rob finished 2nd in the Marathon, you can read his report here
I'm looking forward to following Marius Bakken's Marathon plan again.
I'll also be doing some evening hill races throughout the summer months, Haigh hall and the harrock hill race series, this will give me a race every other Wed through May, June, July and August!
Tue 11th
20 x 45 sec [ starting at marathon pace and increasing to 10k pace] with 15 sec recovery between each. average pace inc rec 6.17 for 20 mins.
plus 6 x smart strides, total time = 35 mins.
Felt wired by the end :]
Mon 10th
Velvet trail with Tess, easy pace = 40 mins


Scott Keeps Running said...

Jesus did those 40-day ultras, though.

Ewen said...

Amazing. Makes me what to have a crack on Lake Burley Griffin! I think any shoes would do though (except maybe steel capped boots!)

If that car hadn't missed Scott Brown, he'd be an expert at running on fire and brimstone ;)

bricey said...

great videos. seems like walking on water would be good for your leg speed too! Maybe the 'tri' lads should start their next race that way - may shave a few seconds off the swim!! :)