Saturday, 10 April 2010


UPDATE; Sun 11th
Ran with Tracey, Sarah, Jon and Tess round the sandhill 6
Tracey ran 42.33 which makes her the fastest girl on the course [after Tess!] total running time = 1.25
Hope these video's give you a sense of the FUN, ENJOYMENT and ACHIEVEMENT I get from RUNNING!
Beautiful day, ran 5 climbs on my 18 mile off road [with a bit of road ] Parbold run.

Hope you enjoy the video.


Scott Brown said...

Yes rick I can get a "sense of the FUN, ENJOYMENT and ACHIEVEMENT you get from RUNNING." And also a sense of verigo!

Thanks for those, makes me want to move to England. Well if the weather was better I'd think seriously about it!

Couldn't beat your PB today Rick. I was thinking as it sliped out of my grasp about the 17th K, "That Rick must be a tough bastard"

Rest up for London, don't spoil it all by getting a rush of blood and over training in the last few weeks.

Ewen said...

Great fun Rick! I was thinking you might be headed for a stack on some of those downhill runs. I was expecting you to hurdle the stile at 4 minute mile pace! Nice video of the sheep for your NZ readers ;)


Scotty, yeah I plan to follow Marius's plan to the letter!
Keep training 'smart' and your times will keep coming down :]
Ewen, NZ wow that would be a COOL place to run and a great place for Lamb chops :]

Anonymous said...

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