Sunday, 25 April 2010

New life time P.B. at London Marathon 2.47.34

Place Overall Place Gender Place Category surname BIB Category HALF Finish time
376 369 30 » Bowker, Richard H (GBR) 31513 45-49 01:23:12 02:47:34 Add runner to 'my favourites'


gmc said...

It looked tough judging
by the women's race...
and the winner's comments



iT WAS KIND OF HUMID OUT THERE,the air felt thick making it feel like you were running into a head wind all the way round.
2.45 is still my aim but for now I'm happy with a new p.b. and a big improvement from last years 2.51.15

bricey said...

Great even run. Well deserved pb after the training you've put in. 2:45 is just around the corner!

Scott Keeps Running said...

Congratulations, Rick! A wonderful mark. You trained hard and deserve it.

Scott Brown said...

Yes, I was watching the women's race and thinking about your race it did look tough with strong wind in places and raining off and on.

Excellent time and despite on getting under 2:45 the effort in training and time there is what is most important. Race day is only a few hours and anything can happen, ask Mara Yamauchi and the other Japanese girls that didn't race as they had trained for.

That training you did is still there and ready to manifest itself on you next few marathons.

Well done, you ran a great time/race. Looking forward to hearing the details.

Ewen said...

Good on you Rick! You'll be Marius Bakken's new poster boy.

As Scott was saying, there were many pros who had pear-shaped races. Zersenay Tadesse and Deena Kastor jogged in.

Can't wait to read all about it.

Grellan said...

Congratulations on a well earned PB Rick. Tough enough race conditions out there which makes your lifetime PB all the more remarkable. Your trainign and racing continues to be inspirational.

Westley said...

Fabulous performance in tough conditions! Well done. On another day you would have beaten 2.45. I look forward to the report.


Thanks :]

Scott Brown said...

Those age graded results are bloody impressive!

I don't know why the first half wasn't up to your expectations, the only thing I can think of is that you may have been a little to tense and it took a while to relax and settle into the race. I know I get real nervous and mostly run like crap the first 10 to 15K of a marathon.

I still can't get over your progression in the London Marathon! I would put money on you going sub 2:40 within the next 3 years if you stay with the current program and ignore most of my advice!

Great photo of you in the fast lane and the masses in the other!

Do a good recovery Rick.


Thanks Scotty
Yeah I'm sticking with the plan,
I think the fact that I ran 2.49 in my first ever marathon but did not make much progress after shows i was doing the wrong type of training in the past, so i hope like you say I can progress even more.
thanks for the support

Anonymous said...

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