Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Really cool tempo run!

On Tuesday [ my birthday, geees 49!!!] I did Marius Bakken's alternating pace tempo run.
40 mins of 4 mins 6.04-5.44 pace then 4 mins active recovery at 6.48-6.30 pace none stop!

It went well and I felt quite strong.
6.33 miles in 40 mins, average pace 6.19, total time inc warm up warm down = 1.00
Not quite as fast as Ryan Halls tempo runs!!! [see video below]
Note Ryan's stretched hip and leg, just been reading about how to use the 'hip
stretch/reflex mechanism' to improve running performance, READ HERE
Today Tess and me hit the sand dunes for 1 hour and 29 mins easy, then i ran 1/2 mile at 10k pace.
Monday was a club session with 12 fast short efforts, max speed 14.2 mph.
total time inc running down and back = 2 hours 22 mins.
Last week saw me reach almost 12 hours of running!

On Sunday I have a 20 mile race which will be a good test to see how i'm going!


Thomas said...

Happy birthday! According to Ewen, you are very close to Geezerdom now.

Scott Brown said...

Yes, happy Birthday old fella!

With all this running you've been doing lately you'll definitely have ants in your pants on the taper for London.

Keep on keeping on.

bricey said...

I hope you didn't eat too much cake and undo all that good training!! :) Happy birthday


We just came back from a chinese meal so the weight might have gone up a little.
infact my friend Steve who is a super-super masters runner and shared his birthday with me blew all his candles out quicker and downed his birthday [ down in one]drink faster than me! hopefully I'll do better in my next race.