Tuesday, 16 March 2010

30 x 1 minute progression session

Mon 15th

Legs not to bad after the 20 mile race, so ran with the club on a steady run, finished with 1 hour 23 min running at a easy pace. [Note this run was not part of the marius plan!]
Tue 16th
This week my training includes a 3 hour plus easy run and a 2 hour progression run!!!
Today's session was 30 x 1 min starting at below marathon pace and progressing up to [5.44] 10k pace, making each effort faster than the last. I misread the instructions and gave myself 1 min recoveries between efforts, oops should have been only 30 sec rec, naughty me! Should I go back and do the session again ??? Mmm bit tired for that!!! total time = 1.08
Wed 17th
Warm and sunny day for tess and me as we set off on another 3 hour plus long easy run, once again we ran over the sand dunes and through the Ainsdale and Formby pinewoods = 3.04

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