Thursday, 25 March 2010


Oh Man, it's almost time for the Liverpool Half Marathon. Don't want to give you a time I'm going for, all I'll say is I'm hoping to hit 6.00 mile pace and take as much pain as my body and soul can take and believe me when I want to I can take it good!
The race has a full starting list of 5000 runners, it's been about 8 years since I did this race, back then i ran 79 mins.
My best half Marathon was back in 2004 when I ran 78.39
RESULTS for 10th place in the Swinton Half!

Newton Distance Racer First road Test
yes, I splashed a shed load of dosh out on a pair of the most ridiculously priced shoes in the world!
As a natural forefoot runner I find it very hard to find a light weight shoe that gives me enough comfort over the marathon distance, my Spira shoes are good, but the 'splatting' sound they make was getting on my nerves!
I've been thinking of the Newtons for a while but the cost was putting me off. but I do need all the help I can get to break 2.45 so in the end i gave in!!!
I did my first run in them last night, running down to the club session. First impressions are very good, the shoes seem to hold you in a good forefoot landing, they absorb the shock really well and you can feel them giving back a nice energy return, making you want to run fast:]
it's true you can get a placebo effect with new shoes so its hard to say for sure that they really make you faster, more testing is needed!
i took it easy on the session, pacing Paul round 3 x mile intervals, after the 1st one [6.40] I asked to swap shoes [ we are both size 10], running the second effort in his Nike Victory trainers felt very bad, landing in my normal forefoot landing position my balls of my feet hit the tarmac very hard, the shoes felt dead with all my energy going straight into the ground never to be seen again, YUCK :[
Why oh why can the main stream shoe manufacturers not make shoes for fore and mid foot strikers, at least 1/4 of us runners run this way so come on Nike and Co, get your act together!!!
after the second effort [6.44] I begged Paul for my Newtons back, my legs felt wrecked after running just one mile in the Nikes! One final effort at 6.33 and I made my way home, conclusion so far; LOVE THE SHOES :] = 45 mins
Tue 23rd
nice run with Niz, down to the pier and back = 40 mins
Mon 22nd
Mega session
20 miles including club fartlek session 7 x about 800m, the last effort saw Doctor Simon and me running at 5.20 pace uphill, good session:]

RunCenter: March 23, 2010

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Anonymous said...

Good luck in Liverpool Rick. I'll look out for you.


Thanks Marty, have a good run yourself :]

by7 said...


New Balance has large choices of mid-foot strike shoes.
Actually they are called "Japanese" models because very popular in Japan where it seems there are many mid-foot runners.
I have no idea what is the actual availability in UK, but you can give a look at the website of NB for HK, where they are clearly listed


thanks, here in the UK they do make two midfoot strike shoes but no forefoot shoes, thanks for info

by7 said...

for example, this one

Ewen said...

I've just put $10 on Centrebet for you to smash Scott Brown's PB with a 78:29.

Totally agree about the shoes - would love more mid-foot/forefoot shoes, and ones wide enough for my feet. How are the Newtons for width? I'd like to try them, but at $250AUS they'd have to be guaranteed to take 3 minutes off my half marathon time!

I don't act my age, so why should I train my age? ;)

Samurai Running said...

That last comment by Ewen is something I can agree on!


Ewen, If you like the Nike Free fit then The Newtons should be fine for you.
The only shoe guaranteed to wipe 3 mins off youe 1/2 time is a pair of roller blade shoes :]
scott tells me you have a piggy bank at home bulging full of crisp notes, so break it open and by the Mewtons!


opps or even Newtons :]