Tuesday, 27 October 2009

20 x 400 !

20 X 400, 200 rec
A brand new challenge for me! I've run 8 x even 12 x, but 20 !!!
This was one of Pete Magill's sessions, to be run at 5k race pace [ about 10.65 mph, 5.38 pace for me] he tells you to run without timing yourself, to go on feel.
After a 10 min warm up I got straight into them, the prospect of 20 seemed very daunting!
The first couple were a bit on the slow side as I warmed up and my eyes adjusted to the dark, but soon I was getting faster and by the 10th felt quite confident that I was going to make it through. The drills seem to be working and I felt the best I've been for a long time.
I felt even better on the last ten and looking at my average pace over the efforts I look to be well under 5.30 pace, my fastest was at 5.05 pace!
10 mins easy then I ran the last 1 and 3/4 miles home at MP pace [ 2.45]
Starting to feel like I did before London, the new training seems to be working!


Ewen said...

That's a big session! I guess the prospect of 20 straight with 200 jogs is enough to calm down the pace. Although 5k race-pace is still quick enough!


Yes Ewen, We use to do 8-12 at one mile pace [75 sec]and often I would blow up before the finish, This time I managed around 5.25 pace and felt strong at the end so was happy with that!

Westley said...

Impressive workout! Exclamation mark in the title is entirely appropriate.

bricey said...

wow - 20 x 400. That's huge big session. I'd have lost count after 10!! Good work

Scott Brown said...

daunting indeed!! Well done for doing that session Rick.

I frankly hate those kinds of sessions but I've been told that one is not going to get better just doing the things one likes.

Does that last paragraph sound like it's coming from the queeen?

Anonymous said...

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