Saturday, 30 May 2009

17.74 miles and 5 climbs

It was a very warm sunny day as I set out on another Arthur Lydiard type long hill run, luckily there was a breeze to help cool me down, even so I still got some what dehydrated, over 2 hours running without water meant my weight had dropped down to 10 stone 12 lb by the end of the run!
Once again I ran over 5 big climbs, inc Stoney Lane, Hunters Hill, I then followed the Harrock Hill Race route [ Brian Grice informs me that I have run 27 Harrock Hill races since its inception in 2000, the most by any Southport Waterloo runner!] down through the fields then up Parbold hill over the fields, then on to Harrock Hill and back to Hunters which I climbed again, I then followed a 7 mile roller coaster road loop round to Harrock hill which I climbed on the road, the last few miles I could start to feel my energy draining away but my legs still felt better than Mondays long run!
On 2 of the climbs I did Arthur Lydiards springing exercise, I'm convinced this will help me run faster in my up coming hill races.
Shoes NIKE LUNAR, weight 10st 12 lb
1840 ft of climbing, 17.74 miles = 2.17

Sun 31st
Easy run with Jon in the pinewoods = 1.17.30
Sat 30th
Parbold hill run, 1840 ft climbing = 2.17
Fri 29th
Steady aerobic run with some 10 sec sprints = 24 mins
Thur 28th
10 x short hill sprints, av speed 12 mph, then 4 x 400 at 5.11 - 5.20 pace
= 45 mins
Wed 27th
Afternoon, easy run with Niz = 25 mins
Evening, Harrock Hill Race, 11th place = 36.48
Tue 26th
Easy run with Jon = 45 mins
Mon 25th
Arthur Lydiard long hill run = 2.15


Ewen said...

Nice week of training. You were faster than me for the hilly 17.74 miles than I was for the 4 mile cross country race yesterday.

So a very warm sunny day would be around 33C (91F)? That's pretty standard for a summer day down here ;)


Er, we maybe hit 24C so I guess you would be running in WOOLLY HAT AND THERMALS if you were running here!
And I would melting behind the shelter of a tree if I was out running in Australia!

Anonymous said...

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