Monday, 18 May 2009


Sun 17th
After a enjoyable run with Chris and Jon in the pinewoods I decided to increase my mileage by running back through the sandhills, About 3/4 of a mile before reaching the Royal Birkdale Golf Club I passed a family with a large Dobermann, the dog decided to run with me, after a 100 metres or so it shot in front of me and whip lashed round so it was side onto me and stopped dead! The out come was I ran straight into its side and bounced back, landing badly on my ankle, Maybe through shock I got straight back up and started running again! I regret now not going back and having words with the owner!
Its not the first time I've been injured by a dog I will always remember a dog owner shouting " HE WON'T BITE YOU" only to have this huge Boxer dog charge straight at me and head butt me in the shin! OOch!!! And there is of course my own dog Tess who delights in running behind me then wrapping her paw round my leg in a attempt to trip me up or her other favourite, to sprint up a sandhill in front of me then turn round and jump on me in the hope of pushing me back down the said hill, BITCH!
After a mile the pain eased and I gradually increased my pace, finishing running a half mile block near home at 5.30 pace! = 1 hour 46 mins inc 8 x short sprints

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Ewen said...

Lucky escape! I had an owner walking a Rhodesian Ridgeback off the lead last week. The dog went for a run with me - who needs sprints to get the HR up?