Tuesday, 12 May 2009

1/2 mile intervals under police surveillance

I ran down to Selworthy Rd to run a Arthur Lydiard interval session, surprisingly I found Steady Eddie at the start of the Selworthy 1/2 mile hill loop about to do the same thing!

I gave Eddie a 20 sec start then shot after him, rounding the corner and up the hill I could see the presence of a large Police van with blacked out windows outside the house where there had been a shooting incident back in March when someone had let off a round of bullets into the house.
It seems the police were 'expecting trouble' again as they had been keeping watch on the house for a few days now!
Selworthy Rd is a very posh area where houses sell for millions and famous ex footballer and manager King
'Kenny' Dalglish MBE
[ we ran passed King Kenny out walking on our second effort!]

Eddie and me ran 6 x 1/2 mile, I'm not sure what the Police thought of us as we ran past the house each time, maybe we might be on Police video and they are checking to see if we are on the 'most wanted list'!
At least they didn't stop us [ well we didn't have anywhere to hide a shot gun under our racing vests and shorts]!
My legs still felt a bit leaden and awkward but at least I was running a fair bit faster than last week.

I am now heading into the summer midweek races, so I'll be following along the lines of Lydiards continuation of racing programme so I will include 1 interval session [ 6 x 1/2, 3 x 1 mile or 12 x 400] each week, one tempo run or race, a 1 1/2 hours steady run, a leg speed session and a long hilly run of 1 1/2 - 2 hours each week.
6 x 1/2 mile hill loop
1/ 5.33 pace, 10.8 av mph, max 13.1 = 2.47
2/ 5.27 pace, 11.0 av mph, max 12.6 = 2.43
3/ 5.21 pace, 11.2 av mph, max 12.3 = 2.42
4/ 5.26 pace, 11.0 av mph, max 12.6 = 2.41[ distance 0.49]
5/ 5.22 pace, 11.2 av mph, max 12.4 = 2.42
6/ 5.31 pace, 10.9 av mph, max 12.4 = 2.42 [ distance 0.49]
7/ warm down
6.00 pace, 10 mph av, max 11.6 = 3.00
Total time 50 mins


Grellan said...

You're certainly not slaking off after London. Thanks for the links btw.

Scott Brown said...

Hey Rick

Thanks for your comment the otherday. Strangly enough, I've been following your blog since a month or so before the London marathon. It's always good stuff. Keep it up.


Scott its time that snail went off the front page of your blog, your progress is really impressive!

Ewen said...

Yes Rick - watch out or he'll beat you to 2:45!

Actually Scott is still a snail in Japan - they had 500 runners under 1:13 in a half marathon recently.