Tuesday, 7 April 2009


I ran for an hour before meeting up with the club in the pinewoods, they left it to me to set the session so I used one of the sessions I use to do with super vet Steve James [ ex age group world champion and world v 60 5 k record breaker] , over ten years ago when I first started training with Steve I remember doing a mile and a half loop inside the woods which included quite a few short steep hills, we would run 5 efforts each lap with very short recoveries [ about 20 secs fast jogging!] and do 5 laps, it was a killer and the first time I ran it with him I blew spectacularly after only two laps!
I stuck with it and within 6 months my 10k time dropped from 38 mins down to 35.14 and I ran my first marathon in 2 hours 49 mins! and Steve went on to smash the world v 60 5 k record with 16 .22, Tonight I toned down the session to just 4 efforts per lap and only 3 laps , I didn't want to scare people off! Anyway the fartleck session went really well and it was good fun bombing up and down the hills!
I ran back with Rob who decided he needed even more speed work and shot off to run a series of 1/2 mile efforts, I left him to it as I was feeling pretty tired after my fast tempo run the day before, I finished with 2 hours and 24 mins.
Mon 7th
Ran the Sandhill 6 hard! 34.45 plus ran down to the start and back, total = 58 mins

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