Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Strong swirling, gusting winds had me thinking sub 6 mile pace would be impossible on todays recommended tempo run. But I fair old blasted round to a new course record, maybe the warm temperature helped me or maybe I'm just getting a whole lot stronger.

Here is my progress.

15th April 3.12 miles, 18.18, 5.52 pace
25th March 3.01 miles, 18.29, 5.57 pace
26th Feb 2009 3.13 miles, 18.40, av 10.1mph, 5.58 pace, max speed 11.7
2nd Jan 2009
3.01 miles, 18mins 39 sec , av 9.7 mph, 6.11 pace

28th Dec 3.00 miles, 19.02, 9.4 av, 6.21 pace
6th Dec 3.01 miles, 19.05, 9.5 av, 6.20 pace

Tue 14th
I ran a interval session in the pinewoods along the Fisherman's path with Tracey and John Sprackland. I have used this session many times over the last ten years, so I guess it can give me a good indication of how fit I am.
6 x Fisherman's path 0.57 miles, orange; downhill, green; uphill;
1/ 0.57 m, 5.40 pace, 10.5 av mph = 3.15
2/ 0.57m, 5.38 pace, 10.6 mph, 12.8 mph max = 3.11
3/ 0.57m, 5.23 pace, 11.1 mph, 13.9 max = 3.03
4/ 0.56m, 5.34pace, 10.8 mph, 12.7 max = 3.07
5/ 0.56m, 5.19 pace, 11.3 mph, 13.8 max = 2.59
6/ 0.56, 5.43 pace, 10.5 mph, 11.9 max =3.11
CONCLUSION; Felt strong and in control of the session, my times are close to when I could race ten miles in 57.30-58.30 mins.
Mon 13th
Spent 30 mins running round the old reclaimed tip measuring a new course with Brian Grice for the clubs New 5 k race series its going to be called
'The Rubbish 5k.'
I then joined in the the club run and we ran over the sand dunes. Total time = 1.45


Thomas said...

Oy! I have the copyright on that name. At least I should have!


Oh well!!! The way I see it your have to change your blog name after you smash your marathon p.b. and join the SUB 3 CLUB!

Mike said...

Nice tempo Rick! Soon you'll be running these 5k tempos in sub-18!

Ewen said...

Thanks for the Geb video - he looked to be jogging very easily for a warm-up.

Excellent 18 miler too - I'm going to have to get some of those Spira shoes - just for the recovery!


Ewen, yes GEB makes even running a marathon at 12.6 mph look easy! Dam thats my best 400m speed!!
Mike yeah sub 18 in training would be good! CHEERS!


P.S. I would highly recommend the SPIRA shoes! FANTASTIC!