Thursday, 23 April 2009

London Marathon, I run this race for my Dad!

My Dad died at 48, the age I am now! I was only 4 when he passed away so suddenly, yet despite being only 4 years old I have such strong and vivid memories of him. He was a photo journalist and served with the RAF in the second world war, flying in Lancaster bombers over Berlin taking reconnaissance photo's to see if they had hit there strategic targets, 'IMAGINE FLYING OVER A DARK,DARK BERLIN SKY WITH ANTI AIRCRAFT FIRE ALL AROUND'! EACH TIME THEY TOOK OFF ON A MISSION THEY NEVER KNEW IF THEY WOULD MAKE IT BACK!
Many of my fathers friends didn't. So many young men and women gave their lives up for the freedom we take so easily for granted, my Dad made it through but I think the stress he went through took its toll and and he died so young!
I run this Marathon in
his memory, I will run with determination and pride, I will think of my Dad and the freedom he helped bring us!

If y
ou are running on Sunday enjoy the amazing event, good luck and I hope you get the time you want!
Thur 23rd

Steady run
with Tess round the reclaimed tip = 35.44
Wed 22nd Easy run with Niz along the velvet trail = 21 mins
Measuring and marking out the RUBBISH 5K route with Jon = 40 mins
Its a great course and we should have some fun on this challenging route, hope to put on 4 races through the summer,
watch this space!


London marathon weather report


John Kynaston said...

Have a great run Rick. I look forward to reading all about it!


Grellan said...

Have a great race on Sunday Rick. I'm sure you'll do your father proud. Looking forward to tracking your progress.


Thanks for the support,

Richard said...


I always look forward to your posts - you come across as having so much enthusiasm. Good luck on sunday and I hope to watch the whole thing from my sofa with the kids (they'll last about 5 minutes - no endurance!!)


Ewen said...

Good luck on Sunday Rick. You're in great shape so you should have a fantastic race.

Interesting about your dad. I'm watching the Anzac Day parade right now.

Michael said...
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Michael said...

Thanks for the comment and the link. I had a look and it's very interesting, already making changes for the fall.

I'll be thinking about you this weekend, London will be great fun. I'm not certain, but rain 'might' be better than the heat in '07.

My grandfather died in a Lancaster bomber; as Grellan said, I'm sure you'll do your father proud! Look forward to reading your report.

Mike said...

Based on the results of your training, I'd imagine a terrific time is there for the taking. Hope the rain isn't too bad, at least they're not calling for high winds (last I checked)

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Good luck. You are in great form, but the marathon is an unpredictabe event, so maybe you will need the luck as well. But whatever happens, you will run a great race and do honour to your father.

Grellan said...

Well done Rick - a great time and so close to your PB. Looks like it was a hot day for running. Rest well.

Richard said...


great result for what looked like a sweltering day. Fine for fun runners but not for a sub-3 hour!


thanks for all comments, cheers!