Thursday, 30 April 2009


Thur 30th
I ran THE RUBBISH 5K trail route for the first time in anger setting a new 'All Comers World Record' of 18.34 . I was quite pleased averaging over 10 mph taking into account the gravel paths, short steep hills and tight bends!
Other good news was I got woof whistled at by an attractive girl! Some thing that was not happened to me for many years, was it my London Marathon sun tan she found appealing or was it my air of self confidence after breaking a world record!
And yet even more good news! I was crapped on by a bird flying over head [ is this good luck]!
And even more, more good news, My Marathon recovery is almost complete!
5k [ 3.12miles], 10.1 mph av, 5.56 pace, max 12.2 mph = 18.34

Wed 29th
Easy run inc sandhill 6 with Jon and Tess = 1.22


Ewen said...

That's evidence of a quick recovery from London!

I used to hold the WR for the 'Bonython Mile' until I let a young bloke from our group run the course.


HI EWEN, I expect to lose my W.R. when I put on the first of the club races here in the summer, hopefully the competion with get my time down into the 17s.
I found that cool 'ONWARDs' VID ON Lance Armstrong's TWITTER BLOG SITE, so he must still have a passion for running!
I was thinking if I can lose 1/2 stone of upper body muscle I put on through weight training I might just stand a chance of getting close to Lances time next year!
Yes the spira have helped with my recovery, I don't feel like I've just run a marathon!!! Next race a 15 k trail on monday!