Sunday, 7 September 2008


I knew I was pushing it too hard on the Thursday interval session , but I guess I just got carried away! Been feeling tired since and todays race did not go well. I really should have followed ARTHUR LYDIARD'S training advise " you can not train hard and race well at the same time".
Team mates Rob Mcgrath and Rob Ashworth set off pretty quickly at the start going through the first mile in 5.18, I held back a bit clocking 5.26, slowly i reeled them in and by mile two I was on there shoulder! At mile 3 [ 17.00] we were together , but then all of a sudden my wheels came off! I spent the next 3 miles running on empty and groveling along in the gutter! It was not good, i wanted to stop! I went across the line in 36.54 and 17th, not a good result but a good lesson not to ignore the teachings of the Master! at least it was not an important race!

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Grellan said...

Unfortunately Lydiard cannot be ignored. But you'll live to race another day.

Although I'd be over the moon if I finished a 10k in 36:54.