Monday, 1 September 2008


Rain gave way to sunshine and just a light whisper of wind by early evening as I set off on my run.
Straight away I felt fresh, hitting marathon pace within a few steps and it felt almost effortless ! This was good, very good!
I ran down to the waterloo rd rugby ground and did Arthur Lydiards LEG SPEED SESSION, REACHING A MAX 14.7 MPH, quite an improvement in only a couple of weeks!
On my way back my speed picked up until I was holding 10mph, once again it felt almost effortless!
I think the return to LYDIARD type training is doing me a world of good, hope I feel this good on sunday when I have a 10k race.
6 x 150m, max 14.7mph = 40 mins


Thomas said...

Assuming this is a road race then you should take a lot less than 40 minutes for 10k.

running faster with the ALIEN LIZARD said...

Yes Thomas the 40 mins is the time for my training run! hopefully i can break under 36 mins on Sunday, weather permitting!