Thursday, 7 August 2008


Algerian Marathon Runner Is Favorite To Win Olympic MarathonThe image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

The Algerian Olympic marathon runner Azzin Gungadinn is the favorite to win the race in the Beijing Games. To get ready for his marathon race he has already set off to run there.

Mr Azzin won the the 2008 Sahara Marathon in hot temperatures, setting a new record breaking course record and leaving his rivals to eat dust! His trainer, Aussie Mr Toby Gun said; " Azzin sure is a bloody great stick in the mud! this boy can run!
Gungadinn took up running at a early age after finding an old dusty book under his uncles bed, "I was looking for porn mags, but found this old book called 'Running to the top' by Arthur Lydiard", Sadly there were many pages missing from the book but Azzin read what be could and started running 30 miles per day! For power training he ran up the hugh sand dunes in a pair of weighted steel diving boots his farther gave him for his 14th birthday present!
For speed, Azzin ties himself to the back of his pet camel 'Humphrey' , " i chuck stones at the animal to make him run fast and I get dragged alone at much speed ". Trainer Toby gun says " yeah i clocked the little blighter doin 50kph the other day in my jeep"
"I want to be the first human to break 2 hours for the marathon!"
Azzin Gungadinn is ready to show the world he is the GREATEST DISTANCE RUNNER of all time, but is the world ready for Azzin!

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