Saturday, 16 August 2008

2352ft of climbing in 23 miles

The forecast was for Rain and lots of it! Thankfully it held off until I was almost home.
This is a run I've been wanting to do for about four years, it traces one of my cycle training routes I use to do 15 years ago or so, I reckoned it would take 3 hours to run and as it turned out I was spot on. The route incudes 5 climbs inc stoney lane, hunters hill then up the two mile ashurst beacon climb , then on to the super steep crank climb before a return trip back going up the side of ashurst and finishing with 2 miles downhill back to the start at Parbold, kept the pace steady throughout the run. Felt pretty good! My longest ever run in the Parbold hills!
Arthur recommends cutting out intense intervals if your feeling stale and replacing them with just a short leg speed session and steady runs, this is what i plan to do, hopefully I will start to see an improvement in my running!

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