Monday, 9 July 2012

Running Fast!

 Location; Greenbank school Hillside, 6.30 pm every Monday.
Good grass track session tonight;
5 x 300m-300m - 400m  with 1 min rec between.
total 5K of fast running.
I remember what Marius Bakken told me-build your speed through the session, starting slower and getting faster with each effort.
This is the way the Kenyans train!
And man it works!!!


Ewen said...

After last night we know Wiggins is good Rick. You can stop rubbing it in!

Nice session - I'll remember that advice when I get back to track sessions come the warmer months.


You should not feel that bad Ewen,
Wiggins father Garry was a volatile, hard-drinking Australian track rider.
So you can claim Wiggo as half Aussie!


Gary Wiggins (born Yallourn, Victoria, Australia, 20 November 1952–25 January 2008)[2][3][4] was an Australian professional cyclist, specialising in six-day racing. His son is the British rider, Bradley Wiggins.

Gary Wiggins represented Australia several times at world track championships. He was national champion in the 1 km time trial, and the 4000m team pursuit as part of the Victoria state team. He had a surge of speed at the end of races, which won sprint finishes. He moved to the United Kingdom in 1976 and raced as an amateur for Archer Road Club in west London. He met Linda, whom he married in January 1979, then moved to Ghent, Belgium. Bradley was born there in 1980.[5] The marriage broke down in 1982[3] and Wiggins had no contact with his son, who returned to London with his mother, for 14 years.[6] Wiggins returned to Australia after a crash in Copenhagen in January 1987 .

On 25 January 2008, he was found unconscious at 7am, in Segenhoe Street, Aberdeen, New South Wales. He was taken to Muswellbrook Hospital nearby before being airlifted to John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle, where he died.[5]

Ewen said...

I didn't know that Rick. From here on in he's "Aussie Brad" Wiggins! In honour or Aussie Joe Bugner ;-)