Saturday, 14 July 2012

Born To Run And Long Run In The Hills!

I LOVE running in the hills, It is what my soul desires!
This was only my second long run in the big hills this year, heavy rain most weekends has kept my in the sandhills.
And even today I stayed on the road to avoid the dreaded mud which has turned the dirt paths into a quagmire!
Setting off from Parbold village I headed straight uphill and for the climb of stony Lane.
With the wind on my back I felt pretty powerful, once I reached the steepest section I used a special running technique which allows me to climb very steep hills faster, It Works! but I can't divulge how to do it here as one of my rivals might get to here about it!
And I need every advantage going at the next Harrock Hill Race.
The second climb was the fearsome Hunters Hill which I blasted up pretty well, sprinting over the top at almost 11 MPH !
I then returned back down Stony Lane and headed over to Ashurst Beacon's  2 mile climb.
Then followed a hairpin descent to Appley Village and the final climb of the day.
The downhills seemed the hardest part of the run, as my legs are not used to the downhill hammering.
Anyway pretty pleased with my climbing form, just hope my legs recover in time for next weeks Rubbish 5 K.


Born to Run: The Secrets of Kenyan Athletics

Thanks to Mandy for sending link

Former Irish athlete and 5,000m world champion Eamonn Coghlan travels to Kenya's highlands to uncover a little-known story - the role of Irish missionaries in securing Kenya's dominance in world athletics. He meets Brother Colm O'Connell, a modest priest who played a major role in fostering Kenyan distance running and who is now considered one of the world's top athletics coaches. Watching him train the 800m world-record holder David Rudisha, Eamonn observes at first-hand his unlikely but lasting legacy. Part travelogue, part tribute, the documentary also features an interview with Eamonn's childhood hero, the great Olympic athlete Kip Keino.



Ewen said...

Bugger! The bloody BBC won't let me watch it. I'm in the wrong part of the world!


Thats a shame Ewen its a great film, hopefully your get it over in Australia soon.