Saturday, 7 July 2012

Kick Assed My Training Run!

Yeah, had an awesome run over the big sand dunes today averaging my highest average speed of the year!
After a bad start to the week-I had to bail out of the Mondays track session after only 3 efforts as I ran out of energy!
I blame not getting enough carbs into my system as the problem!
Working overnight Sunday I found the shop closed due to re-fitting and missed out on some food and energy drinks I normally consume.
I increased my carb intake on Tuesday and Wednesday and came fighting back for Rob's session down at Dunes leisure Centre.
We did 6 x 1 K in Vic park.
Some of the really fast guys were running.
Harry a 47 sec 400M runner, Matt a very good X/C runner and Dave a 34 Min 10K guy!
I Stayed with them for about 100M before they shot off , but focused on trying not to let the gap get too big!
Rob came up to me and pushed me hard for the first 3 efforts until his niggling calf muscle gave way 'PING'!
Hope you recover soon mate!
Well my best K was at 5.11 pace but I guess the average was around 5.30!
I guess that will do for now, but I know I can do so much better!
Working hard to get back into top gear!!!
Progress-onwards and upwards :0]

Things To watch on TV This Week

Billy Connolly's Route 66


Ewen said...

You mean maximum respect to Cadel Evans ;)

Good point about the carbs Rick - know if I'm down on those prior to a run I tend to struggle.

That Billy Connolly series is playing on tele down here - great viewing!

Samurai Running said...

You're as temperamental as an old lawn mower I used to own! If the oil gas mixture wasn't just right the old 2 stroke engine wouldn't work properly!

Keep it going Rick, soon or later you'll break through for good!

Samurai Running said...
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Grellan said...

That's a kick ass session alright Rick. Your on the upward slope. Looking forward to the battle between Wiggins and Evans should be fun. Mighty finish yesterday.


Yes should be a good showdown between Cadel and Brad!