Thursday, 1 December 2011

Torchlit Tip 5K Results And Report

Ben & Tracy shine bright at Torchlit Tip 5k

By Andy Hudson
“That’s right officer, for fun!”
Likeminded men, women and children charge around the Benthams Way reclaimed waste land, on a dark winters night for half an hour or so, dressed in multicoloured Lycra with torches strapped to their heads, chasing glowing route markers to conclude with a prize giving ritual held around the central reserve.
Slightly windy though favourable conditions saw 35 runners and 10 marshalls descend on the tip on a clear, pitch black night, ideal for misleading stray planes heading for John Lennon Airport!
Rick’s “million candle” hand held device may not have been strictly to the Torchlit Tip rulebook (Paragraph 6, subsection 11, point 32.....) though would certainly shame the average UFO into retreat!
Ben set the pace from the sound of the hooter with a trail of bobbling beams keeping his back warm.
The chasing bunch dazzled their way round the twists and undulations of what appears to have become a well liked and testing course.
In many situations, not knowing who is behind you may not be ideal! But this unfamiliar phenomenon casts an exciting, interesting twist in the evening’s activities and all does not become clear until the results are announced.
The lucky prize winners, determined by the throw of a dice, were Neil Adshed and Rachel Thomas, whilst Sue Stewart took the random spot prize.
No fallers, arrests, bulb failures or lost children always bodes well for a successful event and the smiley lit up faces suggest all participants enjoyed the night.
Thanks go to all those who gave up their time to Marshall and officiate, Nicola, Vicki, Neil, Geoff, Simon, Steve, the two Brian’s and any other faces unrecognizable in the dark.
Keep up to speed on Ricks Blog for details of the next event “The even more spectacular Torchlit Tip 5k.” Don’t miss it!

RicksRunning writes;
NEW EVENT! 7 PM 28th Dec
Look out for the Christmas Special, combining the Rubbish 5K and the torchlight 5K!
This will be a 4 lap 10K on the rubbish course!
1. Ben Johnson 17:48
2. Steve Lewis 19:05
3. Steve Mclean 19:34
Neil Adshed 19:47
Howard Nuttall 19:56
Keith Lunt 20:04
Andrew Hudson 20:19
Paul Talbot 20:28
Martin Sutton 20:57
Paul Cain 21:08
Tracy Peters 21:18
Matthew Tobin 22:11
Rob Cosgrove 23:02
Ed Sherstall 23:26
Dan Wilkinson 23:33
Sue Cooper 23:47
Paul Stennett 23:52
Carol James 24:07
Rachel Thomas 25:08
Chris Cutner 25:44
Mary O’brian 26:07
Helen Rigg 26:46
Sue Stewart 26:53
Jane Blacklin 27:07
Donna Spencer 27:21
Jon Singleton 27:34
Shaun Mckiernan 28:01
Ella Johnson 28:05
Niamh Wilgar 28:13
Carol Wright 28:22
Gill Gillison 28:24
Keith Mckiernan 28:52
Sheila Marshall 30:00
Hugo Kearsey 34:11
Pat Kearsey 34:11

Just bought one of the most powerful hand torches going its called the INTIMIDATOR, and for good reason, this baby is ultra 'BRIGHT'!
Ideal for navigating the most gnarly trail in the dark and scaring the shit out of the unsuspecting general public :0]

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Ewen said...

Sounds like fun Rick. No need for million candle power torches down here -- it's light until 8.30pm ;)

P.S. Thanks for the link to the Bill Rogers log. Visited his shop (and bought some Frees) while I was in Boston but he was having the day off.


Its a bit grim up here in the North Ewen, goes dark at 4pm!
Pity you missed Mr Rogers I'm sure he'd have a few stories to tell you :0]
Cheers Rick

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