Monday, 5 December 2011

My Running Burnout And A Possible Cure!

On a run on Saturday I sprinted all out up a very steep sandhill and reached an amazingly low 127 BPM!
Back when I was 29 I could hit a max of 185 BPM, but over the last few years I've seen a rapid decline!
Something clicked in my mind after reading a couple of articles on how runners overcame BURNOUT by including sea salt in there diet.
When I first started cycle racing many years ago I cut right back on salt thinking it was the healthy way to go but there seems to be a lot of NEW evidence that shows we athletes NEED natural salt!
I asked Gary Moller health specialist and brother of famous sister Lorraine Moller [Marathon running champion] for his advice;


Ewen said...

Thanks Rick! Definitely sounds like a possible cure for your ills there. Perhaps get yourself a HTMA. I'll have to investigate for myself! Will look out for that Himalayan Salt next time I'm near the health food store.


Hi Ewen I've ordered the test as I really want to find out what I can do to get back to good health and improved running performance.