Saturday, 31 December 2011

Southport Rubbish Torchlight 5K, The Illuminated Runners And The Stone Circle!


Conditions at the starting point of the race, up at the top of the stone circle were extreme to say the least!
Freezing Gale force winds made it feel like we were at the top of a high mountain pass.
Nic, Andy hudson's daughter [who kindly took the results] made it clear that If we continued with the planned 10K event my life might not be worth living and I might walk with a limp for the rest of my life:0[
In the interests of all helpers and marshals the event was cut to just a 5K.
Hopefully next summer we can try for a 10K event if better conditions allow :0]
Steve Mclean won the mens race by storming away at the start, demoralizing his rivals from the gun!
Trace Peters fresh from her 10K P.B. the day before did a similar job to win the ladies event!
Thanks to Andy Hudson and everyone who helped and took part and Nic for not breaking my leg!
Look out for Andy Hudson's Torchlite 5K in January 2012

1. Steve McLean 19:34
2. Neil Adshead 20:19
3. Mark Ashby 20:39
4. Keith Lunt 20:40
5. Andrew Hudson 20:47
6. Matthew Nelson 21:24
7. Paul Talbot 21:27
8. Tracey Peters 21:29
9. Paul Ashby 21:38
10. Simon Caton 22:20
11. Rob Cosgrove 23:31
12. Paul Stennett 24:00
13. Dan Wlkinson 24:46
14. Peter Brook 25:21
15. Vicki Harvey 25:24
16. Rachel Thomas 25:51
17. Chris Cutner 26:07
18. Ella Johnson 26:40
19. Carol Wright 26:40
20. Helen Rigg 27:04
21. Sue Stewart 27:30
22. Elaine Stewart 28:10
23. Gill Gillison 29:23


Ewen said...

You blokes (and sheilas) are crazy!

Can't watch youtube clips at Mum's Rick. She's still on a steam-powered internet connection.

All the best for 2012. Looking forward to following your training leading up to London and a new marathon PB!


Cheers Ewen,
Happy,healthy and peaceful 2012.