Thursday, 15 December 2011

Running Faster Under The Influence

Walking back in the rain at 3.30AM in the morning from town after Tracey's 30th birthday bash I started to feel very cold!
So I started to run the last mile home, my form didn't feel very good,but then I had an idea!
Many musicians, artists and great thinkers have produced their but ideas-work under the influence of drugs or alcohol[not that I'm suggesting you follow suite] I'd been watching this video earlier in the day and it dawned on me that I was landing to far in front of my center of gravity .

I started to concentrate on landing closer and closer to my COG by activating my gluts using the CUE of imagining that I was landing behind my body, my speed picked up faster and faster.
I was flying!
It really works!
Try it!
To slow down simply start landing more in front of your COG and feel the braking forces!
More Running Form Tips
Run Tall
Keep chest and hips pushed slightly forward.
Keep feet pointing straight ahead.

Lydiard Training
I have now completed 10 weeks of base training.
Things have not gone as well as expected due to what I believe is Adrenal burnout, most probably brought about by a poor diet inc few if any vegetables, too much alcohol as well as a lot of stress due to my divorce!
I'll be working with Gary Mollar to rectify my nutrition in the coming weeks [see post below]
Hopefully i can return from the dead to start 2012 in better shape!
I've decided to return to Marius Bakken's training plan for London 2012, with the aim of sub 2.45.
No matter how far this dream seems at the moment with good health I truly believe I can trounce that time good and proper!


Ewen said...

I think I'd fall flat on my face if I tried a form change under the influence! Dibaba sure has the form to emulate - she's a beautiful mover - sprinting the last lap of the first part of that video though, so perhaps slightly different form to mid-race.

Get more fruit than fruit-mince pies and Christmas pudding and you'll start firing Rick. All the best!


Thanks Ewen,
Had a coup;e of good runs in the last few days, so hopefully things are on the up!
Cheers Rick.

DocRunner said...

Have tried running more upright with tight glutes as you suggest. It's all a bit confusing - I'm sure that I read that you should lean forward to be in a constant state of falling. I imagine that I look like Michael Johnson but suspect I look more like a middle-aged GP with an orange up his arse! However, I knocked 25secs off my fastest beach 6 miler so I think that there might be something in it.
Your constant ability to pick yourself up and have another go is an inspiration.
Have a great Christmas.
See you on the New Year's Day run.