Thursday, 3 September 2009


Yesterdays session called for 5 x 3 min uphill during a medium length run, so I headed to Parbold. On the first climb I'd only just started my hard effort when I felt a sharp burning in my thigh! Och, angry wasp attack, [ hey Dude you need anger counseling lessons] I'd forgotten how much there sting hurts!
Anyway it seemed to give me a sudden shot of adrenaline and despite the pain I completed over two hours in the rain!
In the evening it was 'Jon Boys' birthday bash, must have been a good night as I can't remember walking home!
Sunday I'm running the Rufford 10k, will it be my slowest ever !


Richard said...

I got stung by one two weeks ago - vinegar helps with wasp stings. Still, it was sore.


Thanks for that advise, hopefully next I get stung I'll be passin a 'fish and chip shop'
BUT seriously

I THINK I REMEMBER MY MUM giving me that advise in the distant past, cheers!

Ewen said...

I hope you remembered to drive the knees forward in the 10k!

Your slowest ever? OK then, I'll take a guess at 38:15.