Sunday, 6 September 2009


After telling Barry that I ran my first mile in 5.38, went through 2 miles in 11.26 -3 miles 17.38 - 4 miles 23.43 - 5 miles 29.47 and finish with 37.02,
Barry said;
What went wrong with your pace control button as you were WAY TOO FAST in first mile .You were on for 34.48 10k after a mile and that is too fast .
For every second or minute you are too fast in the first part you will lose double or more of that in the second --and thats how it proved .
You should be looking for Equal or Negative splits . In my last 10k race I ran 1 min faster for the second 5k than the first --to win National M65 10,000 a few years ago .
In winning World Games in Helsinki splits were 14.40 and 14.10 so 30 sec difference there . Get the idea! Any mug can fly out at the start but it is the last mile that counts .
You blew it !

I told Barry, well I'm not sure I've ever run a negative split, even in my 10k p.b. [ 34.52] I ran 5.11 in the first mile,
in my fastest 10 mile [57.36] I ran a 5.14 first mile and even my marathon p.b. had a couple of 5.59-6.00 min miles early on.
It seems I still have a lot to learn


bricey said...

that's tough.

After someting similar happened in a schools cross country (year's ago) my coach (former olympian) once told me that there's nothing wrong with going out fast - one day you'll stay there - I'm still waiting for that day to come!! :)

Maybe Barry is right!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Barry's comments, Rick - really interesting stuff.

Maybe you could start a few rows further back, rather than at the front, to avoid going off like a maniac?

I always start towards the back of the field, and I generally run a negative split.

Mind you, I still end up with rubbish finish times though.

Steady Ed

Grellan said...

Did you not tell Barry that you were following Ewen's Prefontaine method.

Ewen said...

That's hilarious Rick! I can just imagine Barry pulling his hair out (if he has any left) when reading your email!

Good one Grellan. The Prefontaine method is to get in front and stay in front. I can only do the first part thus far - same as Rick.

Mark said...

every runner is different-good for you in laying everything out there to see how you do