Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The funky Gibbon going for the golden mile

On Wednesday 16th Rob [the funky gibbon] Ashworth will attempt to break sub 5 mins on The 2 lap Kings Gardens course, starting near the pier. Starting time 7pm [ note this is not a SWAC event].
I will be pacing him round on my bike, hopefully to a 4 min something time! I once ran 5.01 here but never broke 5 mins, maybe my best mile was after pacing 8 school 1 mile races [ running] then I ran the open race at the end of the meeting, running 5.09!
Last week I ran for 9 1/2 hours in 9 runs, Barry advised adding some extra 30 min easy runs to my Schedule, I ran one of these runs before last Wednesdays 5k setting my fastest trail 5k of the year, Sat saw me run with Steady Eddie for 2 hours over some of Parbolds and Ashursts steepest climbs for a total of 2500ft of climbing, this was in preparation for the toughest 1/2 Marathon in the country!
Tue 15th
2 mile tempo run on the 1 mile Kings Gardens course, I was really happy to average 5.37 pace for the 2 miles-going well!
2 miles at 10.7 mph, 5.37 pace, max speed 13.7mph, =11.15
total time =43 mins
Mon 14th
Club fartlek session in the pinewoods, felt like I had 'empty legs' and was hanging at the back of the group. = 58 mins


Ewen said...

Argh! Thought I'd never see the Bay City Rollers again!

Looks like a good week in progress Rick - 5:37 pace for 2 miles is good going. All the best in the half.

All the best to Rob. Wish I'd broken 5 for a mile. Most of our races were 1500s, with only one or two miles per year.

Thomas said...

Wow, 5:37 pace for 2 miles. You're flying.

Are you still running in your springy spira shoes or have you moved off them?


Thanks guys;
Ewen when I was at school, back in the dark mists of time, the girls in my class use to 'LOVE' them Bay City boilers, me I was into Deep Purple and Black Sabbeth, Jimi Hendrix AND CREAM, AND THEY THOUGHT I WAS WEIRD!!!
Thomas, I keep the Spira for important races, I've been wearing light flexable shoes of late, in the 2 mile tempo I used some Nike zoom explosions [ very cheap shoes cost £35] I've also been wearing Nike free's in a lot of my training runs and some of my races.i ALSO STILL LOVE MY LUNARS.
My thoughts on the Spira is they reduce shock but I also noticed that I maybe start landing harder into the ground in them.
I've been working on knee lift ' [popping the knees forward and up] and getting away from pushing into the ground which I use to do!


P.S. the tempo run was the fastest I've ever run 2 miles in training, but I have gone much faster in races, on the way to a 21.31 4 mile p.b. back in 2003 I ran the first 2 miles in 10.45 !
But I do seemed to have improved this year at solo time trailing running some really fast for me 3 - 18 mile tempo runs before London, I use to hate these tempo runs in the past but now I can focus in and hit the pace better!