Tuesday, 21 October 2008


"Rick (37.06) just beginning to recover from his grueling sub-3hr Anglesey Marathon".
The end of season race told me what i already knew, ie, that i was burned out and in need of a rebuild!
i started following Arthur Lydiards training last summer 2007 and my improvement was amazing,in the winter I followed his base training, running up to 10 hours per week, during this time i ran a race every two to three weeks, my races were awesome, each time I felt strong and even ran a p.b. in one race, not bad for someone who has been running for 15 years and thought there best day,s were behind them!
I started anaerobic training in Feb and recorded my fastest ever mile interval session in March! i then ran the Blackpool Marathon in April, the race went really well, just losing 10th place when I got sent the wrong way with 200m to go, but i still won my age group and finished 11th.
After that i went against Mr lydiards advise and carried on doing intense intervals, BIG MISTAKE! at first I stopped improving then started to have eratic races before burning and crashing out, IF ONLY I HAD LISTENED TO THE MASTER!
Anyway i am looking forward to building up my aerobic base again , in November, following ARTHUR LYDIARDS MASTERS PROGRAM FOR THE MARATHON! as long as I stick to the program I know i will have a great London Marathon!
Tue 21st Ran down to meet up with the club for a fartlek session I kept my effort aerobic and relaxed and had a good time running with the guys, there was a thunder storm on the way home with some heavy rain, but I was really shocked when i was almost home to see big chunks of hell stones on the pavement, man am glad i missed out on that!
= 1.35
mon 20th Managed to fit in 10mins on the treadmill as part of my gym instructors course, at least it help loosen my legs off a bit!

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