Thursday, 10 July 2008

Torrential rain did not damped the spirits of 6 brave SWAC members who dared to get wetter than ever before! When most other runners ran up to a minute slower than last month Rob Mcgrath once again showed his strength finishing 6th, 1st v 40 in the same time as last month, Rob now moves into 3rd overall in the series and also 2nd vet with just one race to go.
I have been testing out a new prototype running shoe said to give you more bounce, reduce injury and help you run faster. well they didn't help me on this occasion as I ran a minute slower and felt like Zebadie from the magic roundabout as I bounced up and down the hills! but it was good fun bouncing through the hugh puddles, I did manage to finish 13th which gave me 4th and 3rd vet in the series so far.
Back on the comeback trail Tracey Peters put in a solid performance to cross the line in 28.24 looking pleased to overcome the demanding conditions and the tough course.
Now to the exciting part! there was much speculation as to who out of Niz Bowker, Sarah Reynolds and comeback kid Jon singleton would finish first, well Niz put in a fine display of controlled running, steady on the uphill, but zooming downhill at great speed! She came into the finish in great style looking far fresher than most of the runners who finished, she went over the line in 35.05,i have now promised to buy her a new pair of super light racing shoes, hopefully this will inspire her to train a little bit more! Next into view was Sarah who after a good battle with Jon managed to pull away on the downhill, finishing with 38.02, Sarah now moves into 5th overall in the ladies completion!
It was good to see Jon racing here once again, he must have run more races here than most people, maybe in excess of 35 times over the years! Jon finished 26 sec behind Sarah after putting in a strong challenge!
We all went to the after party at the rugby club and all received prizes except Tracey and Niz!
Paul Carroll thanked every one for turning out in such atrocious conditions, maybe next time it will be a glorious summers evening, well we can live in hope! On a final note, thanks go out to Jon for the fantastic taxi service on such a horrible night, but I think the £50 bill was a bit on the steep side! only joking! RESULTS

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