Saturday, 12 July 2008

First of the long runs

Set out to Robs house on a cool windy day, Was a bit worried Rob might give me a hammering and expected I might get left behind! we heading off to the Royal Birkdale golf course [ the scene for the British open championships over the next two weeks,its massive with the golf fans around the world!] along the big sandhills and then through the ainsdale and formby pinewoods before returning along the wind swept beach. the last 3 miles were along the coast road and it was here i noticed that Rob was started to lose pace and starting to suffer! I find the CHIRUNNING really helps on these long runs because you don't have to use you leg muscles as much as normal running, your forward lean and gravity pulls you forward so all you have to do is pick your feet up and relax the legs but keep your core muscles engaged so you can hold a good posture, AWESOME!
I felt relieved to finish feeling good, but maybe i was lucky because Rob was feeling the effect from his last two runs. av pace 7.8 mph 19.11 miles =2.26

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