Thursday, 3 July 2008



Heavy afternoon rain gave way to much kinder conditions by the 7.30 start.but the early raIn seemed to have put some runners off, but not 5
intrepid souls from SWAC. This race marked the return of Tracey Peters who am glad to say is back on the road again after a serious ankle injury which required hospital treatment! also on the start line was inform Rob Mcgrath and Carlos Irizar who is going through a glorious purple patch, getting faster with each race he runs. Sarah Reynolds was here to only days after her Triathlon . Rob took a few more seconds off last months time finishing 13th 22.02 and winning first v 40 yet again, Rob will soon have enough vouchers to buy a whole running store! Carlos easily achieved his target of breaking 25 minutes looking very smooth with a elegant running style he crossed the line very happy with his finishing time of 24.45, I have a feeling that he could be pushing under the 24 min barrier be next month. Tracey almost missed the start after getting lost and reached the start line in a breathless state,once into the race she found the going tough, but ran well to finish in 27.13 close to her p.b. and am sure with a few more races she will surpass her previous best times. Only days after a tough Triathlon Sarah looked relaxed coming into the finish running 36.18, 8 secs up on last month! As for me well they say life is a roller coaster and after a great race last week i pulled my back muscles lifting a heavy weight! i abandoned a run on monday after 20mins because of my legs feeling weak with sciatic pains, Tuesday I felt a bit better so thought i would risk the race, once running i felt uncomfortable and could only manage a restricted short stride. Even though I won my age group i felt disappointed with 22.50 So am hoping a trip to my chiropractor this morning will sort me out. Remember its Haigh Hall next week, its a very enjoyable event so come on down! RESULTS

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