Monday, 11 February 2008

17 mile speed session !

I've got the Parbold Hill race on saturday, so i decided to get a long run in when i could.I set off early for Brian Davies club session and clocked up 7 miles before i met up with every legs still felt sore after my epic hill run, so was not expecting to be able to run fast. Brian announced that we would be doing 12 x 400, once we got going i felt ok and even found an extra gear. after the session i ran back with tracey who's been really clocking up the miles for her 1st ever marathon attempt at London, i dropped tracey off at her house and then ran a extra loop to give me a total of 17 miles. now the only problem was staying awake at work.
TUE 12th Feb
easy run over the velvet trail, warm and sunny, glorious day ! = 45 mins
WED 13th Feb
easy -steady run with brian, over the sandhills and into the pinewoods.
another beautiful sunny day, fabulous !!! = 2.07
Thur 14th feb
Robs interval session, 1/2m 1m 1/2 1mile = 51 mins

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