Thursday, 2 September 2010

RYAN HALL - Uphill Runs: Build Power & Aerobic Fitness

Interview - Catherine Ndereba

An Unlikely Journey Through Running

By Steve Magness READ


Scott Keeps Running said...

I have to hit the treadmill a couple times each winter when the snow plows haven't hit the roads yet. Sadie sure doesn't like those days because she doesn't get to come. :)


Mmmm well Scott, Tess thinks your just plain on poor Sadie and should invest in a dog treadmill for those too snowy to run days!

Scott Keeps Running said...

Ha! I think Sadie would love that!

Ewen said...

Thanks Rick. Mahon makes a lot of sense. Interesting Hall saying the uphill running didn't leave his legs too hammered for the next day's training.