Friday, 24 September 2010

Contemplation before todays Langdale Mountain Marathon

Eating my breakfast and thinking about todays challenge!
I'm looking to it as an exciting adventure, last year my friend Rob finished second in this race, an amazing achievement.
I know I can not control who turns up to race, so all I can do is give it my best shot:]
I'm setting my Garmin for Rob's finishing time of 3.11, it will give me a rough idea of how to pace myself. 7.20 pace does not sound fast but believe me the route is very demanding with almost 5000 of climbing.
I hold Rob's achievement with the uppermost respect and do not take on this challenge lightly!
Held over two laps it will be really important to control my effort so I'm strong for the second lap.
I've trained for it, with weekend after weekend in the hills, so I feel the course is to my advantage!
The hills maybe tough, but everyone else will have to climb them too!
As Scott Brown said before his Marathon last year 'BRING IT ON!'
Enjoy your weekend :]


barefootjosh said...

Hope it went well!

I had a great 20k. The only problem: it was a 30k.


Opps! my race went a bit pear shaped too!

Christina said...

I really like the reflection before the race. I'll have to write down my thoughts before my next half.

Ewen said...

What's this "pear shaped" business Rick? Hope you weren't languishing around admiring that magnificient green and damp scenery! Also hope you let it all hang out - just like Scott Brown in his last marathon.

Amanda said...

Hi Rick,
How was your race?

阪神ジュベナイルフィリーズ said...

阪神ジュベナイルフィリーズ 2010を徹底予想!!過去の結果やデータから分かる高配当の法則…出走馬の状態などを現地のスタッフからお届けします!