Thursday, 2 September 2010

Coasters GB "Just a bunch of people running round the Great British coastline ..."

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Any Southport waterloo A/C members and anyone interested in running one of the final relay legs
Flint - Blackpool

Hi my name is Sandie Jardine and i am one of the coasters helping to carry a cheeky little wooden baton (Barry) around the beautiful coastline of the UK,
one of your members is on our forum and has suggested some of your runners would like to take part, which is great news,
If this is so please visit the Coasters GB website and find out a bit more, I am co-ordinating Barry`s final leg which is Flint to Blackpool ending up on the pier which he gamely left on the 9th of May 2010. You can either contact me by emailing or via the forum flint to Blackpool thread, (Nurse Gladis) and i will get you involved if your runners are interested. It would be lovely to have you aboard.
Kindest regards



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