Tuesday, 31 March 2009


http://kbierek.powweb.com/shapefit-pics/quadriceps-exercises-machine-leg-presses.gif After my epic hill run on Saturday I was in real pain when I ran with Chris and Jon through the pinewoods on Sunday, each slight downhill brought pain to my quads like someone was stabbing me with a knife. Monday I ran to college still with very sore quads, once at college I found out we were hitting the weights which included doing some one rep max tests! I found I could press the maximum weight stack on the leg press machine, some 175 kg!
Well I guess this didn't really help my recovery! Anyway even though I still had to walk down stairs side ways to avoid excruciating quad pain, I decided I'd still give the planned 5 x 1 mile efforts a go tonight,running down to the Selworthy rd hill loop my legs still felt stiff, but I hoped it would wear off as I got warmed up. Well the first one was very sluggish at 5.50, the second one a little faster at 5.42, but by the 3rd my legs were finished and 5.54 was the result!
In the past I would have carried on to the bitter end , but this time I called it quits, better to walk away and live to fight another day!


Grellan said...

That hilly 23 miler was epic. No wonder your quads are shot. Good idea to cut short the mile repeats.

Thomas said...

Take it easy, man! They keep telling me to recover more, and the same applies to you.


cheers guys