Wednesday, 11 March 2009


I was woken to the sound of my mobile going off! It was my tutor at college telling me I'd passed my fitness instructors theory exam with flying colours! 55 out of 60 [ 91.6%] YES!!!.
The shot of adrenaline made me decide to bring my tempo run forward a day, it would be a good test for the Spira's, would I have any aches or pains after yesterdays session!
Conditions were surprisingly muggy with a slight headwind on the way out! Maybe running hard again after only 4 hours in bed and 8 hours of heavy manual work was not such a bright idea, as I reached the second hill I was still half asleep and my body was protesting and telling my to slow now! I reached almost half way with a 9.7 mph average [6.11 pace]. Into the second half and I had the wind on my back and I quickly started to accelerate, feeling better as my speed increased, once again, just as I had done last night I hammered the last 1/2 mile reaching 13 mph at the end! Over the last 1.64 miles I averaged just over 5.40 pace, which is closer to where I want to be at!
I ended up with 3.14 miles at 5.55 pace which I think is 3 secs per mile up on the last time I ran this session [ runners world advised 6.10 pace].
Legs were ok, but body was still a sleep!
Tempo run 3.14 miles, 5.55 pace, max 13 mph = 18.36
Evening, 3.12 miles at 6.30 pace [ 9.2 mph], max 13.2 mph = 20.17
Thur 12th
Easy run over the sand dunes with Tess the dog!
Wow! spring is here, warm and sunny! = 1.15


Thomas said...

Very well done on the exam - and the tempo run!


cheers! I was very happy with that test result!

Grellan said...

Great result and celebration tempo run.