Tuesday, 27 January 2009


http://kamallarosekaur.files.wordpress.com/2008/06/tree-hugger1.jpg Well it was about 5 years age when I last ran into a post, we were doing an interval session, running up a slight hill in the dark and a cars headlights were shining straight into our faces. The guy in front of me suddenly swerved to the side and the next thing I was flat on my back with a massive headache and blood streaming down my face. The hospital pored 'super glue' into the wound [ it burned like hell!] and I've still got a scare to prove it!
Before the post incident they use to call my the 'tree hugger' for the time I lost control and skidded into a tree ending up in a very romantic embrace with the said tree! in the Ashurst Beacon Fell Race.
Anyway, back to my latest post hitting incident, it all started off innocently enough, setting out on another mega 18 mile fartlek run. It was a rainy night but at least not too cold.I ran the first 3.6 miles at 6.25 pace into a slight headwind, when I got to Ainsdale I ran loops over the only hill in the neighborhood, giving my a total of over 7 miles at 6.45 pace before I joined the club for Brian's fartlek session.
Rob was back again after taking it easy over Christmas, he's got loads of natural speed so even when he's not fully fit he's still dangerous! And so it proved to be as he pushed me hard on each effort!
After finishing the session I started running back with Rob through the badly lit village, almost straight away I hit a kerb, ending up doing the splits as I fell to the floor [ good job I'm flexible] only 1/2 a minute later as I was talking to Rob disaster no 2! I ran straight into one of those council posts, that they put up with parking fines and times on them, smack, my head glanced the side and my legs went either side, och! [ my manhood!]. WALKERS LOOKED ROUND IN PANIC AS THEY HEARD THE THUNDEROUS CRACK!
I sort of did a 'Kate Moss' pole dance before falling to the floor, but luckily I escaped with only minor injury!
Being the tough guy that I am! I got straight back up and brushed myself down, before heading off once more.
I ran a couple of miles with Rob before heading off on a long loop home, increasing the pace to 6.30 miles before a final surge to 11 mph!
"At least I've learned that if I hit the 'WALL' in the marathon I should be able to pick myself up and keep running!"
18.3 miles at 7.18 pace inc tempo run and 8 hard efforts.
Wed 28th
Awesome day! best weather of the winter so far, mild sunny and no wind, Mad dog and me enjoyed a easy run over the big sand dunes, happy days! = 1.29
Thur 29th
Didn't feel good today, 6 x 150m downhill and called it a day!
max 14.8mph, =46 mins
Fri 30th
Starting to feel better today, steady run with 9 surges, max speed 14mph, av pace 6.55. 3.28 miles = 22.53


Thomas said...

I hope the post is ok - we cannot tolerate you damaging public property!!!


well Thomas, as you can see from the new photo just added the post came off worse [ the doctor once said I had a very thick head,or did he say I was just thick!] anyway I'm sure the police are looking for me judging by the state of that poor old post!