Tuesday, 13 January 2009


This is my tribute session to Eddie B the Polish coach who trained the U.S. CYCLE TEAM back in the 80's. Once a week he would get the guys to do an increasingly tough training ride which included riding hard up hills, time trialling, sprinting for road signs and riding progressively faster on the way home, they would start on 60miles and build up to 130 miles by the end of winter.

I started off at tempo pace [ 6.20] into a headwind for 3 miles to Ainsdale, I then eased to a steady pace for another 3 miles before meeting up with the club for a fartleck session. Its so much more fun running with other people and you always run faster than if you were on your own.
There was a good group out tonight and once again Paul was pushing me hard. Brian had us doing 9 efforts of about 400 - 800 m on the flat and up and down hills!
After the session I headed back the long way and included some extra loops, over the final couple of miles I increased the pace to 9 mph plus finishing with 18 miles.
I was feeling quite strong again after feeling tired last week [ I think I increased my training to quickly after having a week off with flu] in fact I really wanted to carry on until I reached 20 miles but work called!
3 m tempo 9.4 mph and fartleck session , max speed 14.3 mph

total distance 18.03 miles


Thomas said...

very impressive workout!


Thanks! yep i was quite impressed to as my average speed for the whole session was up buy about 1/2 mph on last year!