Saturday, 12 April 2008


Just finished one of my hardest ever training runs with Rob.We set off over the sandhills past the Famous royal Birkdale golf club house and then over the infamous BIG DIPPER and onwards through the Ainsdale and Formby pinewoods . Rob was running like he was being chased by demons! I was hanging on for dear life as Rob pounded away at the front, thoughts of being dropped went through my mind,but my grim determination stopped me from giving in!
At life boat road car park we headed for the beach and started our journey home. we now upped the pace to 6.30 mins per mile. i went through periods of feeling quite strong but by the time we came off the beach at PONTINS I wondered how the hell i could up the pace for the last few miles on the road to Robs house, because the legs were stating to feel heavy!
As expected rob surged forward as soon as we hit the road and i felt i was in difficulty!
Was Rob about to leave me behind! Was he out to break me? I dug deep, very deep into my mental and physical reserve , i clawed him back as we went over the slight hill then pulled along side him on the downhill before Ainsdale village, I then found renewed strengh and started to pull ahead of Rob and noticed he was starting to suffer ! we were now holding 10mph with only a mile to go, with about 400m to go before reaching Robs home we called a truse to proceedings and slowed to a jog. THANKS ROB, THAT WAS ONE TOUGH WORKOUT,WE NOW HAVE TWO WEEKS TO EASE BACK BEFORE THE BLACKPOOL MARATHON.
8.5MPH AV 20 MILES = 2.21.30

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